Fate September 1959

«Fate, September 1959»

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Fate, September 1959

Язык издания: английский

1959 г.

Страниц: 132


  1. D.K. Mand. The Girl Who Speaks the Language of the Pharaohs
  2. Guy Archette. Great Mediums: Mme. D’Esperance (статья)
  3. Harold Helfer. Joanna Southcott’s Mystery Box
  4. Marguerite Steedman. Moses Had Adhesive Tape!
  5. Henry Charles. Tenrikyo: New Japanese Psychic Faith
  6. Dr. Russell R. Voorhees. Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Personality
  7. Frank Edwards. Censorship and UFO’s
  8. Warren Weaver. A Scientist Ponders Faith
  9. Curtis Fuller. Canada Builds a Saucer
  10. JoAnn Young. Mary Roberts Rinehart’s Psychic Adventures
  11. Wing Cmdr. G. E. Robinson. The Ghost Ship Tricoleur
  12. Alexander Lake. The "Deaths" of the Inzingogo

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