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A Requiem for Astounding

1964 год

Описание: This book mourns the magazine's name change from Astounding to Analog, and expounds on the glories of the magazine as it originally was.
A very readable history of the magazine Astounding Science Fiction is presented by Rogers. The story covers up to the point when the magazine becomes Analog Science Fact — Fiction. A number of Astounding magazine covers and drawings are included with the text.
Cover art by Alex Eisenstein.

All Our Yesterdays: An Informal History of Science Fiction Fandom in the Forties

1971 год

Описание: First Cloth Printing, March 1971.
All Our Yesterdays is the late Harry Warner's classic history of SF fandom up to 1950. This was the first volume: the history of science fiction fandom is continued through the 1950s in A Wealth of Fable.
Cover art: "The Hermit of Hagerstown" by R. Edwards Jennings.

Heinlein in Dimension: A Critical Analysis

1972 год

Описание: A very entertaining review and criticism of the works of Heinlein. An appendix lists a bibliography of critical works in the field of science fiction, and a chronological bibliography of science fiction by Robert Heinlein. Much of the material in this book originally appeared in semi-professional and amateur magazines.
Third Cloth Printing, April 1972.
Cover art by Alex Eisenstein.

Some Notes on Xi Bootis

1960 год

Описание: Pamphlet distributed free (compliments of the Advent proprietors) to members of the 18th World Science Fiction Convention.
Illustrator, jacket/cover: Clipart [arranged by Earl Kemp].
Illustrator, interior: Diagrams and maps, presumably by Clement.

SF in Dimension: A Book of Explorations

1976 год

Описание: This collection of essays displays the talent and insight that make the Panshins the obvious and worthy successors to Damon Knight and James Blish in the field of science fiction and fantasy criticism. The Panshins document the evolution of a new and fruitful paradigm and offer a challenge to all conventional opinion about science fiction. Nearly half of this book is devoted to studying the works of Robert Heinlein.
Cover art by Richard Olsen.

The Science Fiction Novel: Imagination and Social Criticism

1969 год

Описание: Anonymously edited by Earl Kemp per Chalker & Owings.
Davenport was not one of the lecturers and is responsible for the introduction only.
Essays presented in a University of Chicago lecture series in 1957.
Third Edition, July 1969.
Second Paperback Printing, September 1970.
Cover art by John Stopa.

The Issue at Hand

1964 год

Описание: Cover by Jon Stopa

More Issues at Hand: Critical Studies in Contemporary Science Fiction

1971 год

Описание: James Blish's second book of SF reviews.
Second cloth printing July`1971.
Cover art by Alex Eisenstein.

Footprints on Sand

1981 год

Описание: Cover art by C. H. Burnett.
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