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Журнал «Imagination!»

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Imagination!, subtitled The Fanmag of the Future With a Future!, was a science fiction fanzine published by the Los Angeles Science Fiction Society in the 1930s and edited by Forrest J Ackerman, with Morojo (Myrtle R. Douglas) and T. Bruce Yerke.

Imagination! was first published in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. in October 1937. Thirteen issues were released, and it ceased publication in October 1938.

Imagination! #4, the January issue, is noted for being the first fiction in print by Ray Bradbury, who was 17 at the time. His story, «Hollerbochen's Dilemma», was continued in the September issue, by which point he had turned 18. Not long after, he started his own fanzine, Futuria Fantasia, with $90.00 lent to him by Ackerman.

Other contributors of writing included Robert Bloch, Franklin Brady, Karel Capek, Jack Coburn, Myrtle Douglas (Morojo), Litterio Farsaci (The Golden Atom), Paul Freehafer (Polaris), Erick Freyor, Allen Glasser (The Time Traveller), Russ Hodgkins, Charles D. Hornig (The Fantasy Fan), Henry Kuttner, Richard Matheson, Sam Moskowitz (Helios), Rob Olson, Raymond Palmer (The Comet), Mack Reynolds, Eric Frank Russell, Julius Schwartz (The Time Traveller), Fred Shroyer, Brackish Wells, Donald Wollheim (The Phantagraph), and T. Bruce Yerke (The Damn Thing).

Covers were by Hannes Bok, Ray Bradbury, Ray Harryhausen, Jim Mooney, and Malcolm Smith.

Награды и премии:

Хьюго / Hugo Award, 1939, ретроспективная // Любительский журнал


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